The restaurant “Pod Švarčom” (Švarča is a southern hillside part of the town
of Karlovac, and the restaurant is situated at its foot) was established as our
second family-owned beerhouse owned by the family (the first one was the
“Otto” beerhouse, opened in 1994. in the Karlovac town-center).
We opened “Pod Švarčom” in 1999. and managed both establishments until
2001., when, for technical reasons, we closed the beerhouse “Otto” and
continued with the successful operation of the restaurant “Pod Švarčom”.
The restaurant was visited by many well-known personalities from politics
and show-business, both domestic and from abroad.



The menu is regularly updated and supplemented with new dishes depending
on the latest trends in culinary circles, and everything is closely monitored
by the manager and restaurant owner (our master chef), as well as prepared
and served, all that in close cooperation with the professiona lteam, some
of whose members have been with us from the opening day.


We serve dishes grilled on charcoal, baked and roasted. Meat is
domestically produced, grown at local farms.
The steaks are aged, which means they went through the process of
maturation, guaranteeing the high quality experience during consumption.



The restaurant has 150 seats indoors and 60 seats on the modern terrace
where, with the pleasing sounds from our fountain, you can enjoy our
meals or refresh yourself with a drink or beverage.
We organize various celebrations (christenings, communions, confirmations,
birthdays etc.), business lunches, presentations (separate hall), receptions,
post-funeral gatherings etc.
The restaurant has its own parking-lot.
Dear guests, we will gladly accommodate you in our restaurant and eagerly await your visit.

RESTAURANT “POD ŠVARČOM” management team